NXT Citrus Springs Results 7/14/2019 DREAM TEAM!

  • Derek bate (?) Vs Rick Buge (V ) with pump handle slam
  • So they changed Bugenhagen’s name to simply Buge ie seems. Doesn’t take away anything from his character, he’s still fantastic and a highlight of the show. I’m not sure of the other wrestler’s name, but I believe they said it was Derek Bate. He is from Australia and had a pretty good presence. He complained about having to stand in the back while Buge did his entrance, both men had pretty good “goofy guy vs serious guy” banter. Buge’s very good in the ring and Bate definitely held his own.
  • MJ Jenkins with Taynara Conti vs Lacey Lane and Caty Catanzaro (V) with Natural selection style move.
  • All 4 women were extremely vocal and it was a very, very good match,Lacey Lane may be my new favorite wrestler. She has some very athletic moves and a great look! Caty didn’t have any crazy ninja warrior spots and still hasn’t developed a ton of character but her in ring work is excellent. Taynara Conti is great, as usual. Her more realistic style is great and I like seeing this heel side of her, fits her very well. MJ Jenkins is another one I need to find out a lot more about. Her entrance started with her singing about being “A whole lotta women”. She has an awesome look and was flawless in the ring. I strongly believe these 4 could be the future of women’s wrestling.
  • Mohamed and Denzel vs The Outliers, Riddick Moss and Dorian Mack managed by Robert Stone (V) with a 2 man powerbomb after Riddick tackled the shit out of Denzel out of the ring.
  • We need more managers in WWE. We’ve been saying this for awhile. Stone managed to piss off the crowd even more than normal and his interactions during the match were great. He would routinely Take selfies and videos with his clients in the background inflicting pain on their opponents. The outliers and stone controlled this crowd as I have never seen someone do. Now you may think, it’s a small crowd, whats the big deal? Well, our crowd is usually not the most vocal, certainly not like something you would see on TV. But They had probably 80% of the crowd booing and yelling by the end. Mohamed and Denzel, I can’t really find any information on. Denzel is basically the Fresh Prince, which Angelo Dawkins tried before, and Mohamed is a boxer. Mohamed’s boxer/MMA gimmick is actually used appropriately using moves like rib shots and a kind of superman punch. Denzel and Mohamed were a bit sloppy but putting them in the ring with the Outliers was a good idea because to most people they looked like a million bucks thanks to the more experienced Mack and Moss.
  • Cavarato(?) the beast vs Cesar Benoni (V) with running knee
  • Cavarato Looks like young Mick Foley! Decent match, definitely new guys but it was entertaining.
  • Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel of the “Imperium” faction vs Jordan Myles(FKA ACH) and Keith Lee (V) with firemen’s power slam
  • Barthel managed to turn the crowd cheering for him against him by dismissing them and making fun of them. Awesome match!! All 4 guys are extremely talented and will all be champions someday. ACH and Lee had great chemistry and I could see them being tag champions some day. As fpr the Imperium, HOLY SHIT WE THOUGHT WALTER WAS COMING OUT! Bryan and I had forgotten they formed a faction, My heart started racing when I heard that classic Jaws music. Brooks will be pissed he missed all his boys!
  • Intermission
  • Damian priest (V) with Cross Rhodes vs Isiah “Swerve” Scott
  • This actually was a slow, kinda boring match with a couple of good kick spots.
  • Karen Q Vs Io Shirai (V) with cloverleaf lock
  • Great match, Io’s don’t give a crap about the audience/Look at me I’m hot gimmick, is really interesting. Karen has a cool Mortal Kombat style gimmick and was very good in the ring.
  • Forgotten Sons vs NXT Tag Champions The Street Profits and NXT North American champion Velveteen Dream (V) with rolling Death Valley Driver.
  • Obviously this was an amazing match and actually made me like the Forgotten Sons a lot more. The FS has a very cool spot where one member hurrcaranned(is that a word?) someone off the top rope and the other two leaped from the turnbuckles on either side and landed with a Splash and I believe a leg drop. Very cool coordinated triple team move.
  • This show was overall very good. If you have any NXT shows in your area, and they do travel all over, GO! Sometimes its a lot of matches with talent that is much newer than others but then you get to see people like we did. We saw Alexa Bliss when she was a generic cheerleader who was OK in the ring too she incredible performer she is today.


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