So one thing I’ve talked about on my own podcasts is I actually listen to a lot of podcasts. Well, listen isn’t necessarily the verb to use since 90% of them I actually watch on YouTube. I wanted to share a couple that I discovered recently and one that even I am surprised how much I love. I think when I post these I’ll post some I just discovered and at least one I’ve listened to for a while. let me know if you guys enjoy this article and what podcasts you are listening to by tweeting at me.

Hawk Vs. Wolf

Hosts-Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis

Topics-Skateboarding,video games,TV

So this is one that surprised me. I knew Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis knew each other but considering Tony is the type of guy who I haven’t listened to a lot on podcasts I don’t know a ton of personal things about him but he seems pretty low key where Ellis is uh, pretty wild. Didn’t know they would be such a good duo. This podcast is a lot of fun to hear them talk about their past and It’s great to hear more from Tony who is one of my favorite childhood icons and Jason Ellis who is someone I recently found out about and I find hilarious. This is a show I hope continues a long time because I will be listening.

The Friendship Onion

Hosts-Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd


Speaking of childhood icons, This is one podcast that I was pleasantly surprised to see. Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd both acted in the Lord of the Rings trilogy as They played the incredibly charismatic hobbits Merry (Dominic Monaghan) and Pippin (Billy Boyd). Well, it turns out that they became fast friends and have stayed friends since then. There are a few episodes as of this writing and these guys are hilarious. Its definitely a bit more lowkey but its an easy listen.


Hosts-Logan Paul,Mike Majlak, George Janko


HOLD ON A MINUTE DON’T LEAVE. Hear me out. Yes Logan has done some terrible crap. Yes his brother Jake is a bit much. But this is a different Logan than you are familiar with. I have listened to each episode of this podcast and the trio are entertaining, charismatic and surprisingly insightful. That’s the wonderful thing about podcasts is it provides a longform platform that we can learn more about these public figures and no-names. Logan has excellent guests ranging from political hosts to comedians to Mike friggin Tyson. It’s an excellent listen. Trust me on this one.


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