Podcast Discovery 2: Electric Boogaloo

So one thing I’ve talked about on my own podcasts is I actually listen to a lot of podcasts. Well, listen isn’t necessarily the verb to use since 90% of them I actually watch on YouTube. I wanted to share a couple that I discovered recently Hey guys. Jacob here. Sorry to whoever reads these that its been awhile but here I am. I’m going to be making a significant effort to get things up and running. anyway, I have a few podcasts I wanted to share with you guys. Obviously listening to our catalog of FewTrueHeels or Don’t Put That On Me!

Hang Time Podcast

Hosts- Shaun Bolen

Topics-Video Games,Internet Content,Comedy

I’m a long time Rooster Teeth fan and was around when FunHaus and Game Attack and Cow Chop and the like were joining the company. Shaun Bolen always stood out to me as a very entertaining and very authentic guy. Now years later he has started up his own thing and it needs to be supported! The show, as of writing, is only a few episodes in but he’s already had awesome guests such as Greg Miller of Kinda Funny and Lawrence Sonntag formerly of Funhaus who also started his own channel, Inside Games.

KFC Radio

Hosts-KFC and John Feitelberg


Full transparency, I’ve only listened to a couple episodes, but this podcast is fucking nuts. KFC and Feitelberg are absolutely hilarious and listening to this show is like hanging out with your crazy uncles. They have fantastic guests and even when the conversation goes toward sports they manage to keep the conversations funny.

The Fighter and the Kid

Hosts-Brendan Schaub,Bryan Callen and Shapel Lacy


This is one of the few podcasts I listen to religiously. Technically its supposed to be an MMA podcast, I think? But they only talk about it occasionally and Brendan has a wealth of knowledge on that subject where Shapel does not. Having him on the show(He is a recent addition) is a lot like having someone on the outside asking questions I would like to ask. Callen is there too, he’s old and tends to make shit up. Fantastic podcast.


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