Super Paul Bros Vs. Pro Wrestling

Let me start by saying, DO NOT SLEEP ON THE PAUL BROTHERS. Jake proved to the wrestling world on the preshow that, even without never being on a WWE show, he already has nuclear heat and can manipulate that crowd like very few can. One of those who can happens to be his older brother, Logan. I know a lot of you have hated on Logan because of mistakes he has made in the past but the dude has done so much to attempt to earn forgiveness that it’s incredible. He has done ok in boxing which is really an understatement considering he survived Floyd Mayweather, He has created some pretty cool art, set the Pok√©mon card collecting world on fire, made a pretty funny song, is the host of the #1 podcast in the world and is a leader in the NFT space. One thing you may not know about Logan is that the whole point to the boxing he did was because he didn’t want to be the greatest boxer, he wanted to be the greatest entertainer. He also hates being a heel, which doesn’t surprise me at all. Apparently Miz turning on him was because Logan doesn’t necessarily like being booed so it will be fascinating to see if he can make the wrestling support him the way his Maverick Club members and general fans do. I would even argue that Logan did a better job than Dominik Mysterio in the wrestling aspect, but also in getting heat from the crowd. When he did Eddie Guerrero’s “Three Amigo’s” perfectly and then did Eddie’s signature dance before hitting the Frog Splash he was generating nuclear heat like I haven’t seen in a long time. He achieved that heat simply by doing the motions of one of the wrestling world’s heroes. we saw the flip side of that lady that in the same night when Cody Rhodes hit two “Cross Rhodes” before delivering his father’s signature punches and “Bionic Elbow” to the crowds extreme cheers. If Jake ever decides to get in the squared circle he can bring that passion and athleticism that his brother has but Jake is the ultimate heel. This could absolutely lead to a Logan vs. Jake Wrestling match which I am completely in support of. Plus Jakes last few songs have been fantastic so he could make his own entrance music. The Paul brothers have everything needed to be a professional wrestler. The charisma, the athleticism and the passion for entertainment. They are the ultimate Sports Entertainer. Someone tell Chris Jericho.


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