This is a happy house.

“They’re all Gone” Galiono said standing in the open doorway with his brother. A brother he has just reconnected with since they were children, a brother he thought long gone. This house is where his people had lived for so long, it was a sanctuary and now it was empty. A ghost town that even ghosts don’t want to reside in. A house once full of happiness and prosperity now full of sadness and pain.

                The last time Galiono walked through this house he was renown as the “Wandering King”, traveling around the country on his and Baumusa’s train. Supplying towns across the country with needed food and any other resources they could quire. They would also take anyone willing to come back to this town in the middle of the country where they grew much of their food. Many of those people lived in the giant mansion on the outskirts of that town. Galiono lived in the first bedroom on the ground floor so they didn’t feel like he was above them, equality was very important to him, to all of them. Baumusa’s forge and living quarters for his crew as in the basement, it was massive and had everything he could need. They were very lucky they had all this. When Galiono decided to liberate the City of Yesterday and attempt to the kill the God-King he had a massive bounty placed on him, placing everyone in this paradise in huge peril. Now, the Undying King’s massive horde was roaming the country destroying town after town in search of Galiono or any information on his where abouts. He had to be stopped.

                “We have to go see him, ask for help WHICH I know you don’t want to do!” Baumusa angrily shook his hammer at Galiono, walking up the steps from the basement. “But we have to. I can get the train running, we’ll pick up everyone we can along the way.” He set the hammer down and sat down in a chair. “I have to find my daughter; WE have to find my daughter first.” James looked from Baumusa to Galiono “Who is this Galiono? The Dirty King? I thought you called the shots around here. “ Baumusa stood up and got in James face. “I AM ALL HE HAS LEFT; WITHOUT ME HE ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE! I’m the one that told him all this would happen, if he hadn’t got involved in saving those people, he would still have HIS people.” He sat back down and then said quietly. “I would still have my family.” Galiono looked around, as if for the last time. “You’re right, Lets go see the Ice King.”

Writers Note: I listened to the Weeknd’s “House of Balloons” while writing this, I usually listen to music while writing and that music usually directly influences whatever is happening in that particular story.


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