Whatcha gonna do when MrChong runs wild on you!?!?

Hello nerds and nerdettes!  Mrchong here and I recently saw an opportunity to write for Nerd Union and figured why the heck not?! I’d like to think I fit in with this motley crew as well as Xpac fit in with DX or The NWO, take your pick.  As you can tell I am a HUGE wrestling guy.  I’d say my love for wrestling rivals those of Bryman and Bestintherealm.  Who knows, maybe one day we can have a triple threat match to see who is the biggest fan of them all.  

Wrestling for me has been a part of my life since the early 90’s.  I still remember witnessing my first “crotch chop” and being excited to go to school next day to share what I had learned.  Being one of the smaller kids in school, I just remember wanting to be just like these larger than life heroes.  If any of you ever meet me, you will see that it did not go my way, but that has not lessened my love for these hard hitting soap operas.  Whether it be WWE or the independent circuit, I now have a huge appreciation for all that is wrestling.  I have even convinced a handful of people to watch wrestling for a bit which may have been my biggest accomplishment in life.  Back in April of 2019 I was able to spend one of the most insane weeks of my life out in New York during Wrestlemania weekend and got to see 6 shows in 5 days, but that’s a story for another day.

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself what other cool things does this guy like?  Well I’m glad you asked.  I am a HUGE gamer!  After my first playthrough of Munchkin with a few friends, I fell down the rabbit hole that is board games.  I had never known that so many games existed outside of Monopoly!  As much as I love playing games, I think a bigger reason as to why I like board games so much is that it is able to bring so many different types of people together.  I have tried to play some type of game weekly for the last 6 years of my life.  With a stash of over 100 different board games, I still am so excited to learn and play the newest games out there.  Having played games for a while, I can still say that nothing is more satisfying than knowing someone playing with you is currently on their phone ordering the exact game you are playing for themselves.

So that is a little about me.  Who knows where this journey will take me, but I am so excited to share more about the latest wrestling story lines or game I am currently playing!chongavatar


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