WWE is “Re-imagining” Smackdown, This is good!

WWE is prepared for the challenge of being put between Thursday nights NFL games and College games on Saturday nights.
“There’s definitely going to be differences. We haven’t made any announcements formally, but we are so excited to be partnering with FOX and to be on USA.” Stephanie McMahon said.
Triple H added, “As this goes forward, that will just rise that type of activity across the board. Fundamentally, as a company, we constantly reimagine ourselves. So, we’re deep in the process now of [figuring out] what the reimagined version of SmackDown will be.”

SmackDown will be officially moving over to FOX on Friday, October 4th, 2019.

WWE definitely needs to do something to differentiate Smackdown other than being 2 hours. How they do that? I have no idea.


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